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Congratulations to Ebalere for making Star Guard! Don't worry he still loves the kids!

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 Dreenise's Application

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PostSubject: Dreenise's Application   Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:40 am

1) Have you read our guild rules? (If No, please briefly take this time to read them. They are the guidelines to the guild and we expect them to be honored. They are located at the top of the forum.)

I have indeed, all seem very fair.

1a) What happens if you are caught taking gear you cant use and selling it?

Get dealt with swiftly, just keep good gear in the guild stash or pass it to someone who can benefit.

1b) What are you not allowed to do with your character name?

Have any part of guild name in it.

2) What game are you interested in joining us in? Star Legends? Pocket Legends? Both?

Star legends

3) Character Name(s):

Dreenise: lvl 30 Commando w/ Platinum Gear

4) If you were previously in a guild, what guild were you in, and what were your reason(s) for leaving them?

Dark Legion, despite being an officer, not the guild for me. Too many inactive members and too many rogue disrespectful officers

5) How long have you been playing Star Legends and/or Pocket Legends?

About 3 weeks? Non-stop, everyday, my wife isn't too happy Smile

6) Can you briefly tell us a little about yourself =)?

22 years old, male, live in UK, into downhill MTB and tattoos.

7) Tell us a joke!

What do you call a woman with either leg the side of a river?

Bridget HA
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PostSubject: Re: Dreenise's Application   Sat Oct 01, 2011 1:43 am

Accepted! Welcome to KoC

LelouchX ~ Commando Lv. 31 - Eyeofnewt ~ Engineer Lv. 36 - Eyesssniper ~ Operative Lv. 36
Newt's D.P.S. (Damage Plus Support) Engi Build ~ Mains Will Now Be Required to be in KoC ~ Most Current List of Mains and Alts!!! ~ Add Your Alts Section!

At Your Service
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Dreenise's Application
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